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Amarillo Globe News (AGN) recently converted to the paid subscription model  for their content delivery. The AllObits.co opinion is that obituaries should be free to view.

The opinion of free viewership for obituaries was a common thread voiced in the  comments by AGN readers after learning of the launching of  the  AGN All-Access membership program.

AllObits.co solitary mission is the delivery of  obituaries as free content.

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Jack Weems

I agree. As a minister I try to keep up with people in various towns i have served in. There is no way i could afford a paid subscription in all these towns just to look up obituaries. What is sad and embarrassing is. It’s only my home area of Amarillo that presented this problem. Thanks allobits for solving that.

Peggy Adams

I just came across this site this morning, and I praise God for it, I was very out of sorts with AGN upon learning that that I would have to buy a paper or pay online to read the obits. I am extremely excited about Allobits.com and I thank you for this website.

Mitzi Renee`

Thank you for doing this. I have been on globe-news boycott for years. I don’t know how you do it or maintain but it’s very much appreciated. I know it must be some work so thank you for it. There are papers in other communities that have free press, where they make their money from advertisers, not from the readers. After hearing horror stories about the way the globe-news treats their paper throwers and them only publishing articles that suit their politically correct views, I decided it was time to throw in the towel. They also charge and arm and a leg for classifieds. Why anyone still bothers with them at all is beyond me.

I get my news live, fast and free on the KFDA website and now the obits here, the classifieds at Craigslist so who needs the globe? Not me. I don’t mind paying a little as I know services and work aren’t free, but to charge to read obits online after bilking the bereaved of exorbitant fees for publishing the obit to begin with, is just inexcusable. I do like to burn the globe in my wood burning stove as tender so I gather them up around the office after co-workers have read them at work and take them home and burn them.

Jeri Carter

I; too like Peggy Adams, just found your web-site a few weeks ago, and like the rest of the comments I can’t afford to pay just to read the obituaries. and like everyone else I get all the news just on the web.

Sherie Willis

I am definitely a late comer to this site. It seems only recently people near and former colleagues in the obits. I was obit clerk at AGN over 10 years ago. I have a question, do the funeral homes send info to you for posting? Does everybody know about this service? does the family have to request it?
l am curious, as there are some listings I cannot find.

Thank you for the service. It seems that perhaps the family are preparing these for the most part and Im sure that it is with the help of funeral homes.

Thank you.

Maureen Meister

This is such a nice site to be able to keep up. It hasn’t been updated in a while. Please tell me you are not going away!

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